About AOLA

Tokushima prefecture is Japan’s biggest domestic producer of the indigo plant, and we have rich resource of forest. Because of this, the area is home to skilled craftsmen who have specialized in Indigo-dyed, also we have woodworker for generations. As a reason for that, we would like to hand over our local valuable resource and skills to the next generation.



One and
only wooden products

“Dairi FPC Co.,Ltd”, an affiliated company of AOLA and also manufactures, is a wood construction and the building materials manufacturer, they have a history of more than 60 years. We create a one and only wood product by integrating a number of wooden skills and advanced technologies that we have cultivated over many years.


Technology of
Indigo coating

By developing a unique past-like substance from the traditionally-produced indigo and treating it as a pigment rather than a dye, we established a technology that can be used as a paint or spray, and applied it to designs that make use of grain as part of construction materials, interiors, or small objects.


Manage the Indigo
plant field

The indigo used in AOLA’s products is managed from the indigo field together with contract farmers. In Tokushima Prefecture, there is a suitable environment for cultivation as Japan’s largest producer of indigo plants, so high-quality indigo plants are harvested and produced every year.